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Southern Lights by Cas Dunlap

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ISBN  978-0-9670420-9-1

This is a collection of short stories inspired by the poem Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas. Although a poem was the inspiration, these stories are not poetry. Rather they are brief glimpses into the facts and foibles of aging in a humorous and uplifting manner.

If you find humor in forgetting why you went into to a closet; if you don’t quite understand the internet, computers, or what a twitter might be; if you find yourself wondering what really does happen when the lights go out; if you understand that love is life’s greatest gift – as opposed to being forever young – you’ll like the ride through these Days of Rage.

Southern Lights by Cas Dunlap

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ISBN  978-0-9670420-0-8

The sugar-white sand of Pensacola Beach explodes with Southern Lights as descendants, perhaps of the ancient buccaneers, spread murder and mayhem while pursuing gold doubloons as their ancestors once did upon the Gulf of Mexico.

As the beach murder rate doubles and quadruples, the sheriff of this community struggles to piece together and halt these strange occurrences amidst a cast of characters as fascinating and peculiar as the pure quartz sand of the beach itself.

Beach Breezes by Cas Dunlap

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ISBN  978-0-9670420-2-2

Will Pensacola Beach become the Miami Beach of the Florida Panhandle as high-rise development threatens to destroy the laid-back and funky atmosphere of this small beach community? Not if Colonel Ruston Dubach and his Wooliebooger Militia can help it.

A chance encounter between Charlie Cross, former big city lawyer turned beach curmudgeon, and the Woolieboogers leads to a tangled web of intrigue as a relatively benign plot to halt development on the beach becomes ensnared with more sinister career hoodlums, murder, and extortion.

As the plot unravels - through the beach bars perched on sugar-white sand and under the specter of a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico - will Sheriff Slidell Goodbee, stretching himself and his deputies to the limit, succeed in thwarting a deadly serious criminal?  Can Charlie Cross and his girlfriend, Tallulah Vidalia, keep the Wooliebooger Militia in check?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the Beach Breezes.

News to Us by Cas Dunlap

$9.95 +
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ISBN  978-0-9670420-1-5

The dazzling champagne powder of this world-class ski resort risks being transformed into a crimson tide as ecoterrorists conspire to strike a stunning death blow to rapid development and destruction of natural resources. Leading the cause to avert disaster, a cast of characters peculiarly familiar to the mountain environs stumble and fumble to save the day.

From the perspective of those who live, even for a little while, in ski resorts, that such a thing would actually happen would not be News to Us.

The Process by Cas Dunlap

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ISBN  978-0-9670420-3-9

Mass poisoning is the cue that sets the criminal process in motion. What happens then is anybody's guess, as the system relentlessly grinds toward a most peculiar outcome.

Akeem Johnson. Bobby Malcolm. One is dead, the other accused and imprisoned, but who is the victim?

Aaron Greer, the prosecutor, knows. But going full-tilt to obtain a guilty verdict, Greer runs head-on into the lovely and talented defense attorney, Terrie Tolliver, who has her own ideas about the defendant's guilt - and Aaron.

As able courtroom advocates face off in the criminal system, Judge Marvin Meeks struggles with jurisprudence while besieged by extrajudicial elements of The Process he was never taught in law school.

The Casa Linda Chronicles by Cas Dunlap

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ISBN  978-0-9670420-4-6

A humorous collection of bittersweet short stories featuring a cast of teenagers in the generation lost between the Beat Generation and the Hippie Movement - the darker side of American Graffiti.

The Casa Linda Chronicles: Short Stories and Stuff... "It is required reading for a generation that remembers Cherry Sloe Gin, The Prince and Charco's drive-ins, Splash Day in Galveston, Fort Worth's notorious Jackson Hotel, and Zippo lighters." John Anders, The Dallas Morning News.

Celestial Blue by Cas Dunlap

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ISBN  978-0-9670420-5-3

Once again there are more things in the sky over Pensacola Beach than the Blue Angels. And this time they're snatching members of the beach population.

With locals vanishing left and right, Sheriff Slidell Goodbee is called into action to deal with extraterrestrial kidnappers. Fortunately, Ernie "Honest Ernest" Brown, self-styled King of the Beach Boys, is still around to help out, along with his new friend and celestial scientist, Professor Dorcus Hurple.

If alien skullduggery wasn't enough to turn the peaceful little island community upside down, there's a local war, aka an election, going on. Unfortunately for the sheriff and the beach version of sanity, politics and alien invasions do indeed make strange bedfellows and are giving Pensacola the Celestial Blues.

Flock 'Em! by Cas Dunlap

$14.95 +
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ISBN  978-0-9670420-6-0

Where were you in the '60s? If your answer is "college on the 6-year program," you'll like these extracurricular adventures.

Do you recall BMOCs, curfews for coeds, "purple Jesus" parties, lightning raids south of the border, all-nighters, road trips, living off campus, and other wonderful stuff not mentioned in the college catalog? Do you ever ask old friends, "How did we live through that?" Do you swear that Animal House was based on your fraternity? Do you have real problems remembering what classes you took?

If you're thinking maybe, then take a nostalgic ride down the road of educational experiences you never told your kids about (or maybe find out what your parents really did in college) with Flock 'Em, Cas Dunlap's collection of short stories set at North Texas State University once labeled Playboy's "Party School of the Year."

To Kill an Angel

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ISBN  978-0-9670420-7-7

It's that time again on the funky little island of Santa Rosa. The lazy days of summer on Pensacola Beach when all there is to worry about is sunburn and maybe a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico? Not likely.

Two Middle Eastern imports are trying to create serious mayhem, while two local bad actors think it's time that they threw in with a Colombian drug cartel.

Can a lone sheriff do anything to avert this recipe for disaster? Sheriff Goodbee believes it's enough To Kill an Angel.

Beach Karma

$17.95 +
$2.00 Shipping

ISBN  978-0-9670420-8-4

Like the sudden reappearance of a dormant cancer, skulking evil strikes at the heart of the Emerald Coast. Pensacola Beach is beset by a series of murders -- and worse -- once again challenging Sheriff Slidell Goodbee to protect the denizens of the funky little beach community.

Quickly, perhaps too quickly, one of the last woolieboogers, Charlie Cross, is arrested and charged with the crime. While Cross is wrongfully subjected to the grinding wheels of Escambia County criminal justice, a diabolical agent of mayhem remains at large to focus his dark art on Charlie's lady love, Tallulah Vidalia.

Will this travesty of justice be allowed to run amok, or will cosmic absurdity be righted by the local form of Beach Karma?.

About the Author

Mr. Cas Dunlap, Author

Cas Dunlap is a former clinical psychologist, a former prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, and a former Dallas County Criminal Court Judge.

Mr. Dunlap is a lifelong resident of Dallas, Texas, but now also spends time writing in Vail, Colorado, and Pensacola Beach, Florida.

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